Every company is a university
Magicdemy is our multi-purpose solution for different industries, providing stable, safe training platform for company.
Every company is a universitiy where is full of knowledge and wisdom
Online exam
supporting 300,000+ people to take the online exam at the same time
- Basic functions: multiple types of questions, batch import, test paper generation, automatic marking, daily practice, etc.
- Anti-cheating: Face capture, prohibition of copy and paste, screen cutting, restrictions on answer devices, etc.
- Customized exam: question type, exam type, time reminder, answer analysis, make-up exam, etc.
- Examination statistics: Examination data of personnel, time, examination conditions, results, etc.
110+ course categories, 3000+ high quality courses
- Flexible options: Support for enterprises to upload courses independently and purchase through the enterprise training mall
- Job courses: covering basic front-line employees, HR, sales, finance and tax, marketing, legal affairs, middle and senior management, bosses, etc.
- Industry courses: construction, manufacturing, real estate, IT, finance, automotive, catering, retail, medicine, party building, etc.
- Course package: exclusive for enterprises, ultra-high cost-effectiveness, ready to use upon unpacking.
Process, data, traceability, and measurement
- Organizational structure: Based on custom settings such as company, department, personnel, and job level, direct address book synchronization is possible
- Training data: training progress, learning situation, courses, activities, lecturers and other data, support data export
- Talent development: design and management of competency model, talent assessment, talent portrait, job map, etc.
- Personalization settings: customize domain name, logo, icon, color, text, module, etc.
Learn at anytime and anywhere.
- Regional restrictions: direct learning on computers, APPs, WeChat for Enterprise, WeChat, DingTalk, feishu, TV, other enterprise systems, etc.
- Fragmented learning: diversified training and learning including audio and video, graphics, and text, making employee learning easier and more convenient
- Efficient learning: Employees can participate in training at any time, regardless of location and time, and the learning progress and results are clear
Suitable for various training and learning scenarios
Support internal training, external training, knowledge extraction, etc., The platform can help you quickly implementing the training.
New employee training
Management training
Customer training
Social learning
Knowledge extraction
Pre job training
Promotion training
Channel training
Group learning
Course production
Skill training
Education and training
Test for Training
Knowledge base
Apprenticeship system
Training course
Gaming learning
Knowledge payment
Mixed training
Remote training
Open class
Different editions to meet with your need
By using Magicdemy , Enterprises can quickly establish online learning, examination, video conference and training management system
for employees, and provide training course services.It also supports SaaS version and mixed cloud version .
Generic SaaS Edition
It can be used by opening an account without deployment and operation
and maintenance. Suitable for all enterprise training
Mixed Cloud Edition
Data is privatized, platforms are publicly owned. Fully meet the security
requirements of enterprise business data
Safety, technology and Service
Safety qualification we obtained
- The 3rd Level security protection(S3A3G3): the highest security standard in
China for non-banking units
- Physical security protection: Tencent Cloud VPC private network, independent intranet, strict SLA level protection
- Military-grade cloud protection: Adopting cloud protection equipment and
measures designated by military units.
- Safety management system: standardized safety management system, strict management authority certification
R&D capabilities and Service
- High concurrency and server cluster operation and maintenance capabilities
- Integration capability of third-party systems and applications
- Open ecological environment, shared resources, providing more possibilities
- Advanced system development technology, AI artificial intelligence technology
- Free upgrade for SaaS and hybrid cloud systems
- 1V1 counseling, 7x12 hours of timely response
- Product usage assistance, system technical maintenance
- Exclusive implementation, operation services and project support
Advanced R&D capabilities
7 x 24h response
1-on-1 counseling
Our Partners
Based on the open platform, we have built industry solutions with hundreds of partners.
From the research and development of training platform, the creation of solutions,
the introduction of content ecology and the standardization of operation services, the open ecology of enterprise digital training is gradually constructed.
Cooperative product
To be a channel parter
Enterprises from different industries choose Magicdemy
Companies from different industries including finance, insurance, transportation, Manufacturing and so on, are growing their business with our training platform
Hear it from our satisfied customers
Creating economic value for the enterprise is the core of employee training.
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——Li Liangfeng
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